Swimming Pool

We offer the use of our inground pool, for the swimming of your dog. Cool in the summer months, heated in the winter months this could be just what your dog needs.

Fitness and Health

Most dogs enjoy swimming and why wouldn't they, when they can cool of in our swimming pool during summer, or in winter the pool is heated to a comfortable temperature so your dog can feel refreshed and happy while they swim. Swimming is good for your dog and can provide many benefits for him/her, including relaxation and muscle development. Perfect for the obedience dog, show dog or even the racing dog. Or just simply something different for your pet.

Swimming is also a low impact form of weight loss for the slightly heavier pet as it does not put excessive strain on your dogs joints.


On site we have 2 hydrobaths so you can bring your dog in for a relaxing soak in the tub... Simply bring your dog in and we will give him a bit of TLC before you come in and pick him/her up. It's that easy... Your dog will come back smelling and looking squeaky clean.

Prices are charged accordingly to suit the size of your dog, just give us a call to get a quote and book a time.

Dog grooming is charged at an extra rate.

Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Our Kennels provide space for your much loved pooch when you go away and they are given the best love and care we can give, With air conditioning in summer to keep your pet safe from the harsh soon and nice and cool.

Your pets get much needed 1 on 1 time daily, 2 meals aswell as various treats and toys to play with. Not to mention if they like going for a walk then we are happy to do that too. Your pet will be kept so happy they won't want to go back home.

Our cattery has space available for upto 20 cats, with plenty of space for your cat to move around and explore it's surrounds. We are never short on cuddles and no doubt your cat will purr it's way into our hearts.

We are happy to pick up and drop off your pet to you, so please just ask if you require this service and we will quote you a price accordingly.

Get your Christmas booking in before the end of June for extra discounts. Concession available to pension card holders and defence discounts available upon sighting your ID number.

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Check out the Pet Park website by following the link here www.thepetpark.com.au

*** Please be advised we do require all pets to be upto date with vaccinations and need to see them before we board your pet. ***