Welcome to the home of Vonrauten Kennels. In the following pages you will find a collection of photo's and stories about us and our achievments over our 40+ year history as breeders of German Shepherds and 10yrs + as breeders of Schipperke's. The road has not always been smooth sailing but it has been interesting.

There has been much enjoyment aswell as sadness, as I have seen many a loved animal come and go from my life.

I have had the pleasure of raising numerous pups, some that have stayed with me and some that have gone on to loving family homes.

Please take a minute to venture through the pages of our site and read up on some of the Vonrauten Kennels history.

In conjuntion with the Pet Park we also offer boarding facilities for your beloved pooch and or kitty. Please click here to view what we have to offer. We are registered with the German Shepherd Club of South Australia and Dogs SA formerly known as SACA ( South Australian Canine Association)

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