Swimming Fee's

Our pricing for the swimming Pool is as follows..

Initial Swim: $25.00 (this includes us aiding you and instructing you on how to correctly swim your dog the session will generally go for 15 - 30 minutes depending on how your dog responds to the water. If this is your dogs first time swimming a life jacket will not be optional and is charged at an extra $2.00 this is for the safety of your dog.)

Return Swims: $10.00 (is the fee for your return swim if you require us to swim your dog. Most people opt to swim their dog by themselves at this stage and therefore the fee will only be $5.00 for upto 30 minutes.)

If you wish we do allow you to use the hydrobath to rinse your dog, (no shampoo or blow dry) there is a $2.00 fee attached.

Life Jacket Hire $2.00

*** Please bring your dogs upto date vaccination certificate with you. We require this before you swim your dog. ***

Our Pricing for hydrobathing ( please call us on 04188 33268 ) for upto date prices.

Our Boarding Cost:

Cats: $12.00 per day
with Concession or Defence discount: $10.00 per day

NOTE: We require your concession card / defence id to be eligible for discount.


The cost for boarding dogs vary depending on the breed / size of your dog.

Small breeds       $18.00 per day
Medium Breeds:  $22.00 - $25.00 per day
Large Breeds:      $25.00 - $28.00 per day
X.Large Breeds   $30.00 + per day

Concession or Defence discount is $2.00 off per day.

If your pet requires medication during it's stay with us you will be charged an extra $2.00 per day

Again we must sight your upto date vaccination certificate before we accept animals for boarding. This prevents the risk of illness to your dog, or other dogs within the kennels... No certificate No boarding NO EXCEPTIONS